Jammu Kashmir United Movement Block Manigam Holds Meeting to Address Party Affairs and Pressing Public Issues


Molvi Lateef Appointed as Block President Parent, Mehbooba Akhter Block President Women’s Wing and Sajad Ahmad Rather as Youth Block President Block Manigam

GANDERBAL, 31 May: The Jammu Kashmir United Movement (JKUM), Block Manigam, convened a meeting on Friday to discuss and address party affairs and pressing public issues affecting the local community. The meeting, attended by party members and leaders, focused on strategies to tackle key challenges and alleviate the suffering of the people.The meeting was chaired by the party’s President Sheikh Ishfaq Jabbar, while all the Halqa and Deh presidents from Manigam Block were present in the meeting, the party said in a statement, adding that the meeting continued for several hours, allowing for comprehensive discussions and strategic planning. During the meeting, various party affairs were deliberated upon, including organizational structure, membership drives, and upcoming events and initiatives. The participants exchanged ideas and viewpoints on strengthening the party’s presence in Block Manigam and enhancing engagement with the local population.In addition to internal party matters, the meeting also shed light on pressing public issues that are causing suffering to the people in the area. Topics such as access to basic amenities, healthcare facilities, hike in electricity tariff, employment opportunities, and infrastructure development were discussed at length. The participants highlighted the need for urgent action and sustainable solutions to address these critical issues and improve the quality of life for the residents of Block Manigam.On the occasion, Jabbar said, “The plight of the people in Manigam Block who was part of Kangan Constituency now Ganderbal constituency is an undeniable reality, as they have been grappling with a range of public issues for quite a long time. It is apparent that residents in most of the areas in Manigam Block are suffering due to the absence of even basic amenities. People face difficulties due to the shortage of potable water and electricity supply.” He demanded the LG administration prioritise the redressal of public concerns in the area. He vowed that if JKUM Party secures a public mandate in the upcoming elections, it will not leave any stone unturned to ensure Ganderbal people get rid of these chronic issues. Jammu Kashmir United Movement on the occasion announces Block Presidents of the Parent, Women’s Wing and Youth after due consultation with the concerned workers and leadership.Molvi Lateef has been designated as Block President, Ab Hameed as Vice President and Molvi Mehraj u din as Secretary of the Parent Body of Block Manigam.Mehbooba Akhter was designated as Block President, Shahnaza Vice president, Dilshada Secretary and Zahida as Joint Secretary Women’s Wing Block Manigam.Similarly Sajad Ahmad Rather was appointed as Block President, Hilal Ahmad Sheikh as Vice President, Mohd Amir Khan Vice President, Umer Maqbool Shah Secretary and Mukhtiyar Ahmad Vice president youth Block Manigam.Jabbar expressed great happiness as party leadership entrusted Molvi Lateef, Mehbooba Akhter, Sajad Ahmad Rather and others with new role and responsibilities. He asked them to look after the block and aware people about the strategies and dynamics of JKUM Party so that people are clear enough to do the wise choice between all as JKUM Party stands for true politics and believes in delivering results rather than making promises.


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