Waheed Ur Rahman Parra Will Be Champion for Kashmiri Youth in Parliament: Mehbooba. Addresses Roadshows in Tral, Urges People to Vote for JK’s Identity, Against


Waheed Ur Rahman Parra Will Be Champion for Kashmiri Youth in Parliament: MehboobaAddresses Roadshows in Tral, Urges People to Vote for JK’s Identity, Against

Aug 5 Decision Srinagar, May 7: J&K Peoples Democratic Party (JKPDP) President, Mehbooba Mufti, took to the streets of Tral and adjacent areas within the Srinagar parliamentary constituency today, rallying support for Waheed ur Rahman Parra as the most fitting candidate to voice the grievances and struggles of the people in Parliament.Addressing the people, Mehbooba emphasized the profound challenges faced by the residents of Tral, highlighting the sacrifices made by the youth and the pressing need for representation that resonates with their experiences. She lauded Parra as a symbol of resilience, having endured torture and imprisonment for advocating for the release of imprisoned youth.”This election transcends mundane issues like infrastructure; it is about our identity and the rejection of decisions imposed upon us on August 5, 2019. Waheed is uniquely positioned to articulate our aspirations both within and outside the parliamentary chambers,” said Mehbooba.The PDP President also highlighted the personal trials endured by Parra, including his own incarceration and the denial of access to his ailing father, as testaments to his unwavering commitment to the cause. “No person other than Waheed ur Rahman Parra can represent that pain and agony as he himself has witnessed that firsthand. He was jailed for 3 years and his only crime was that he used to free youth from jails. He was accused of giving jobs to the poor and downtrodden people in JK Bank. This was his biggest crime. Waheed preferred jail over surrender. He was not even allowed to visit his ailing father in the hospital who was suffering from Cancer. But amid all such tactics, they couldn’t break his resolve and today he is one of the strongest voices against the August 5, 2019 decision,” Mehbooba said.Reflecting on the challenges faced by the PDP, Mehbooba expressed gratitude for the steadfast support of party workers and affirmed the enduring resonance of the party’s message across the region. She urged voters to turn out in force on election day, emphasizing the critical importance of their voices in shaping the future of Jammu and Kashmir.”My own party was fragmented. 40 of our senior leaders were forced to leave the party but I am happy that my workers on the ground all across are with the PDP. People in droves from Anantnag to Pir Panchal are with the PDP. This party lives in people’s hearts, Masses here know that it is the PDP alone that can speak truth to power. Thousands of our youth are in jails. Nobody is able to talk about it. Even the press has been coerced into silence. The need of the hour is to talk about it, raise our voice. Stones and guns did not yield anything. You know when people voted in PDP’s favor, Mufti Mohammad Sayeed opened Muzaffarabad road that till then was an unachievable dream. He repealed POTA, ended the gun culture. This is the power of the vote,” Mehbooba said.”Other political parties have fielded candidates in a bid to hoodwink people. They have nothing to say. Can they say that POTA was introduced by them, and the Task Force was introduced by them? As far as the PDP is concerned, it not only repealed the POTA and ended the Ikhwan culture, it ushered in a new era of peace and development. It was PDP that gave AIIMS to this place and an Islamic University par excellence. Ensure that on polling day, there should be more than 80 percent of polling,” said the PDP President.In his address, Parra echoed Mehbooba’s sentiments, characterizing the ongoing election as pivotal for the region’s future. He warned against complacency, urging voters to exercise their franchise to safeguard against the marginalization of Kashmiri voices in the political landscape. “As outsiders are granted leases on our land and assimilate with ease into our communities, the local residents for centuries are evicted and dispossessed of their property and land on one pretext or other. Our vote is our foremost tool in preserving our distinct identity and securing our future,” Parra said. Other leaders which accompanied her on this occasion include Senior Leader Mohammad Lateef, DDC member Harbaskh Singh Shunty, Zone President Qurubudin Shah and many others.Issued through Media Cell

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