DLSA Ganderbal organised Legal awareness program for women on the eve of celebration of International Women’s Day


*DLSA Ganderbal organised Legal awareness program for women on the eve of celebration of International Women’s Day*

On the eve of celebration of International Women’s Day and as part of legal awareness campaign/week, District Legal Services Authority, Ganderbal organised legal awareness program for women, today on 07th of March, 2024, at Qamariya Higher Secondary School, Saloora Ganderbal, in order to made participants aware about Gender equality, women’s empowerment, Protection of Women from Domestic Violence, Dowry and Maintenance and challenges faced by women, etc.The programme was held under the chairmanship of Mr. Ritesh Kumar Dubey, Chairman District Legal Services Authority Ganderbal and under the guidance of Ms. Nusrat Ali Hakak, Secretary District Legal Services Authority Ganderbal.Ms. Rumisa Sangeen,, Deputy Chief Education Officer, Ganderbal, Ms. Nashafa Khan, Pr. Qamariya Model Hr. Secondary School, Saloora Gbl, Mr. Nazir Ahmad, District cultural Coordinator, Mr. Mohammad Ashraf Dar, Zonal Cultural Coordinator, Panel Lawyers, LADCs, faculty members of different schools, Staff & PLVs of DLSA Ganderbal, Aganwadi Workers, Aisha Workers and other local women were also present on the occasion.Speaking on the occasion, Ms. Rumisa Sangeen, Deputy Chief Education Officer, highlighted the role of women in nation building and said that mass awareness about the rights of women and to acknowledge their achievements is the need of the hour and briefed participants about main principals of women empowerment.Mr. Tanveer Ashraf, Assistant LADC, while speaking on the occasion, highlighted the rights of women and said that women are not just a matter of equality, but of fundamental human dignity. Upholding and protecting these rights is essential for creating a just and equitable society where all individuals can thrive without discrimination or oppression. The right of woman’s are guaranteed in the various provisions of Indian Constitution especially in article 14, 15, 16 21 etc. The special legislation has been also enacted by the Indian Parliament to safeguard the rights of woman from domestic violence. The act is called as Protection of woman from Domestic Violence Act 2005. It provides various remedies to the aggrieved woman’s like right to reside in shared household, protection orders, residence order’s, monetary orders, custody order & compensation order. This helps the woman to live the dignified life who were made the victim of domestic violence. The aggrieved woman’s can approach the Concerned DLSAs or TLSCs who will provide them free legal aid counsel who will present their case before the concerned courts in order to secure her rights and live dignified life.Ms. Romani Syed, Panel Lawyer DLSA Ganderbal, while speaking on the occasion said that this is the month of celebration as tomorrow I,e 8th of March is international women’s day. This day is global for celebrating the social, political, economical and cultural activities of a women. If we talk women in Islam then there is no comparison of their status because their status in Islam is very high. The Almighty Allah has himself dedicated the whole chapter of quran surah u Nisa to women so who are we to challenge the status of women. Gender equality means that men and women ,boys and girls should be treated same and should have same rights and opportunities. Gender equality is guaranteed under Article 14 of constitution of India which ensures equality before law for all citizens. Women empowerment means that girls and women should feel strong and confident. They should be able to make decisions for themselves and have the same rights and opportunities as boys and men. This is fairly important for building fair and just society. The constitution of India recognizes the importance of women’s empowerment under Article 15 of constitution of India which prohibits discrimination on the basis of gender. We are living in an age of women empowerment where women are working shoulder to shoulder with men ,women are better at multitasking. Role of women in society is changing to great extent but unfortunately there are various unfortunate women who face brutalities in the hands of men. Often women and children are the soft targets of domestic violence. Domestic violence is a gruesome crime that also causes a number of deaths. Women need to be courageous and should approach the court of law where she will be rescued by protection of women from domestic violence act 2005 and under Section 498A of IPC. Another challenge is dowry and If a person demand directly or indirectly dowry from parents, relatives or guardians of a bride, he or she has to face the consequences under law. Dowry is social evil in society that has caused unimaginary torture and crimes towards women however it is the poor who succumbs and fall prey to it ,more due to lack of awareness and education ,dowry prohibition Act 1961 prohibits giving or taking dowry. In conclusion it is really important for us to understand these topics and make sure we treat everyone with kindness and fairness by upholding principles of gender equality, women empowerment and protection from violence and exploitation.Guest Speaker, Mr. Bilal Ahmad Bhat, Coordinator, Women’s Help Line, 181, Campaigner, Social Reformer cum Motivational Speaker, while Speaking on the occasion, said the Women’s helpline 181 provides 24-hour immediate response to women in distress and represents them before the appropriate service providers such as legal and police authorities. He further informed the participants that they can get help from the helpline in case of domestic violence, dowry abuse, mental torture, sexual assault, eve-teasing, cyber-crime, child sexual abuse, rape, economical violence or any other violence. While stating that “suicide is not a solution”, the project coordinator said the purpose of the organising the event is to make masses aware about various legal remedies available for women and to provide integrated services to women affected by domestic violence, sexual harassment, emotional and psychological abuse.During the event, Sofia Farooq, Teacher of Govt. Middle School Duderhama, Sehran Showkat, of Govt. High School Harran, and Asma Firdous of Alamdar Public School also participated enthusiastically in the said program and delivered speeches on the subject topics. The proceedings of the progarmme was conducted by Mr. Mohammad Ashraf Dar, Zonal Cultural Coordinator. Meanwhile, appreciation certificates were distributed among students who delivered speeches in the said event.

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