The upcoming Election in J&K will break the chains of long old slavery and deceit. Karar Hashmi

The distinguished Sociopolitical activist Syed Karar Hashmi says that the upcoming election in Union territory of J&K will break the chains of old long slavery and deceit and will pave the long way for progress, peace, development and the entry of new faces into the political spectrum. He observed that mass participation of people will make the 2024 election in J&K historic, and it seems dynastic rule will get a hard setback and surely new faces will come to the political arena, replacing old faces from the political spectrum completely. Young people will be game changers in the next election because they have felt the heat for a long time due to political failure and wrong policies. He said that people would vote for safety, security, peace, employment, transparency, quick delivery of justice, progress, development and inclusive-center-sponsored welfare schemes, not hollow slogans of deceit. He hinted that the upcoming election in the Union territory of J&K will cross an optimistic message across the globe that it is ultimately people who possess real power and this election will be a golden opportunity for Aam Aadmi to be part of government making, need of an hour is to empower and support true representatives having public backing, true patriotic character, Nationalists and having a clear policy towards its own people.



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